Get printed versions of your favourite Monster Maestro Cards!

While we all morn the passing of Monster Maestro, I have an exciting piece of news to share!

People have been asking me whether they can get unofficial versions of their favourite Monster Maestro cards. I happen to know a company who can print glossy non-holographic versions of your favourite monster maestro cards! CLICK the image below to be taken to the order page. Or this link here:


Mysterious Forest of Giant Ants – Raid Event Live! – About Raid Battles

Mysterious Forest of Giant Ants Event Main Page

Main Raid Event Page

Sup guys, vahnmanx from M4. Sorry for the lack of replies in the last few weeks. Been busy with real life ;) As promised, I will be putting the translations for Monster Frontier on over the next few days, so please register for an account there!

But I am back, and updating content for those loyal Monster Maestro players who have switched over to Monster Frontier Ultimate Evolution! (MFUE)

Today I am covering the new raid Event Mysterious Forest of Giant Ants!

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Monster Frontier Ultimate Evolution Wikia!


Wikia page is up!

JianMingYong of Steph and Jenny’s Jackpot fame has spearheaded the creation of a wikia page! And it currently contains all the translations for the Monster Frontier Ultimate Evolution News you can’t read (cuz its in Japanese)! You can access it here!

It’s people like Jian that keep the community together! Great job Jian with the translations!

I encourage people to contribute to the wikia so that everyone can benefit from the info!

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