Top Player Interview Series – Kesohnler – Leader of Light

Sup M4 Fans, vahnmanx here with a new series that features some of the prominent players in the monster maestro.

Today we talk to the number 1 ranked player in the Island Overlord Event that happened a few weeks ago: Kesohnler, who dished out over 206,000,000 damage to the raid bosses! Read on to find how the leader of the Light crew does in normal battles! Thank you Kesohnler for graciously taking your time to answer my questions!

Oh did I mention that Light has taken over Nocturnal for the first time in Moonlight Spookhouse’s crew rankings as the new number 1 spot.

Here we go!

(vahnmanx’s comments are in italics)

1. Where do you live?

Singapore (Asian people love their monster card games ;)

2. What do you currently do?

Personal & Confidential. Can’t answer that sorry but I am a working adult 🙂

3. What got you into Monster Maestro/why do you like playing it?

I got to know about MM through Applibot’s other game Legend of the Cryptids, and decided to give it a try. Didn’t like it at first but the more I played the more addicted I got to it. It is the very interesting cartoony graphics and monsters design that caught my attention.

4. What do you enjoy most about Monster Maestro?

I enjoyed card trading, it is after all a card trading game.

5. You were the number 1 finish in Island Overlord. What did it take to get to number 1?

It took complete devotion and commitment to the game during that event period,

6. How much did you play during Island Overlord?

There were even a few days when I spent 12 hours straight (with short breaks in between of course) just tapping away on my iPhone to get my points up and then to maintain it. It was extremely tedious and intensive, for a game, haha.

7. What crew are you a part of? What do you like most about your current crew? Dislike most?

I am the leader of Light. I love my fellow crew members, many of whom were specially recruited and invited by myself to join the crew. We communicate very well with each other and we are all team players. There is nothing I dislike about my crew.

8. What is your favourite monster in the game and why?

My current favorite monster is the evolved version of Fauven, Fauvagara because it has a skill that makes it extremely useful in both frontline setups as its skill affect all cards regardless of elements or be it Atk or Def.

9. What is your favourite monster you like for competitive battling?

Same as above, and for this very same reason, I made it skill lvl 10 🙂

10. What do you think about the game’s economy right now?

Nothing much to comment but I think there definitely needs to be a lot more new players introduced to the game, so there will be more people trading.

(Coincidentally part of M4’s goals, to build up the community of MM)

11. Your thoughts on the community of players currently? compared to other games you’ve played?

This is my 1st real card trading game (LOC not counted since I don’t even bother trading in that and am quitting soon) and to be honest I am surprised at the number of incidents of scamming in game. I am utterly against scamming and have reported scammers before. I only wish players can use their real skills and efforts to get the cards they want rather than scam for them as they may have scammed other players who used their hard earned pocket money or work money to get those cards.

12. How good a job do you think the MM admin team is handling the game including new updates? Elaborate if you can.

I think the developers are not doing a very good job at this moment because the game is plagued with bugs and frequently crashed due to unstable server issues. And they need to make it slightly more friendly for trading too like to give the players the option to select multiple cards at 1 time selection rather than 1 card by 1 card as it can be very frustrating and waste of time.

(I don’t fully agree with this comment, as I think the developers are putting in some A+ effort, despite their shortcomings, but this is about Kesohnler, more on that later from me 🙂

13. What type of abilities would you like to see in the game moving forward?

No real expectation but maybe something interesting like having an ability that will help in replenishing your energy and Atk/Def points at a faster rate?

14. What advice do you have for those who are trying to obtain more valuable super rares and ultra rares?

My advice will be for them to learn the full mechanics of the game first, build up their frontline and start collecting high stats rares and start then finally actively trading. My first knowledge to trading comes when I just went to the message board and announced that I was willing to trade everything in my deck and for everybody to view my deck and just send trades. I then take a look at the trades sent and accept or reject accordingly.

You never know you may have something that you thought was useless to you but of great value to another player and he may just offer you something amazing for it.

15. What the total attack power you do in battle is? (with boosts)?

Can’t tell you the exact figure as that’s confidential to me, but it is definitely above 200k damage. 🙂 (damn that’s high!)

And that’s a wrap for the first top player interview! Let me know which players you would liked to see interviewed next! I am pretty picky though as I have my own criteria as well.


15 thoughts on “Top Player Interview Series – Kesohnler – Leader of Light

  1. First off, great job with the interview Vahn!

    2nd, I really do think that the MM team should improve the whole “You can only pick one card at a time” thing for trading. It annoys the crap outta me.

    3rd! I’d also need tips on how to get people to pay attention to my posts. No one likes me, apparently.

  2. Vahn, just wanted to congratulate you on such a great article. It gives the game a sense of reality and a touch of glamour, since all the players are REAL people.

    I am in agreement with Kesohnler, in that scamming is turning out to be a big problem in MM. These scammers are so bold nowadays, that some of them even openly admit scamming, and blame the scammed person as being just dumb and stupid, forgetting the fact that these scammed individuals may just be young kids. Thus, I would like to suggest that you write a piece about scamming, and how to avoid being scammed. Its a pity really, because a lot of the players I know in MM are honest, trustworthy people, but because of this recent rise in scamming, its hard to trust people in MM anymore.

    Just my two cents.

    • Probably one of the best comment responses I’ve received on this site 🙂 I am extremely humbled by the fact that you like this article. Truth by told, I love getting insight like what you see in this article. Send me your in game name I am sending you a prize 😉

      Yes, scamming seems like something that has emerged as being a problem. Which is actually has a silver lining in that the game is gaining more traction that would result in more scamming. So I view it as an opportunity.

      I will definitely be placing an article on scamming on my radar. What type of content would you like to see in such an article? I am contemplating the idea of a scammer list, and trustworthy list as suggested by another reader, but debating what is the best approach to take and whether this will help in the fight against scamming.

      • Cool, I get a gift! Never received a gift before… 🙂 (whilst quietly praying its gona be a UR!! :p)

        My IGN is the same with my ID here, just with a capital ‘W’..

        Anyways, keep up the great work.. a lot of the ideas coming up in your site looks really promising and interesting, so I’ll be looking forward to them being realised!

  3. Hey vahnmanx 🙂 awesome article man! I totally agree with windchaser on you bringing some reality to the game. So cool to hear directly from one of the best players, 200k ATK, damn!

    May I respectfully suggest to windchaser to check out MissDecova’s blog?

    Don’t wanna take traffic away from you here, you’re doing a top job, but MissDecova has some great stuff up on scams.

    Keep up the good work man!


  4. I think a fair traders list is seriously a good idea. Although we all wanna make a profit on our trades so maybe it doesn’t work? Would be cool to know you could easily get rid of stuff for a fair price regularily tho

  5. Great interview. If i may add, there should be more money sinks are the economy is inflating with no signs of dropping. It’s not healthy as the rich gets richer (with top cards to be able to ace the events and then selling unwanted cards for ph/ed/coins) while the poor.. well they have to spend real life $! I guess its all fine from the perspective of applibot as this may be what they want, milk more $ from players but i feel its shortening the play lifespan. Am i making sense? LOL i’m no economist!

    • yeah, love your comment here! Yes, the middle class situation has always been a problem in many games. Hopefully Applibot finds a way. They just cut the cost of enhancing by 75%, so that’ll help the lower income players 😛 Great to see!

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